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What Does "Go Public" Mean?

When we set out to create our first marketing campaign, "Going Public" came to mind. We've all heard businesses go public, but what if we applied the term"Go Public" to our team, clients, and concept? What does Going Public mean to you, to us, to our community? What is your "Go Public" moment- when all the behind-the-scenes work, the community you've built, and the setbacks you've overcome blend together, and you finally achieve the goals you've been working towards for so long? We created our launch campaign around this concept, choosing seven men who have worked hard to achieve their dreams.

Let us introduce you to...

Anthony "Ni" Nguyen

Anthony 'Ni' Nguyen is the chef and owner of Sap Sua Restaurant. Ni's Go Public moment is that together with his wife, Anna Nguyen, they've realized their culinary dream through their restaurant Sap Sua, right down the street from our first location, on East Colfax. Since they met at culinary school, Anna and Ni have shared a vision of owning a restaurant that pays homage to Ni's Vietnamese upbringing. They combine traditional flavors and textures in a modern way; dishes that recall childhood memories have brought customers to tears. Since we photographed Ni in the restaurant while under construction last year, Ni, Anna, and the team have garnered accolades such as the recent 2024 James Beard Award Semifinalists, Esquire's Best New Restaurants in America, 5280's 25 Best Restaurants, and Bon Appetit's 8 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of Summer 2023 (written before they had opened). We love their spot and are thrilled to be "neighbors" with this outstanding team. 

Josh Wills

Josh Wills is a Designer, Creative Director, and Partner at Consume & Create, a creative-led, strategically-minded design studio based in Denver. Josh is also the dad to four creative kids and husband to the equally impressive Tran Wills. Josh's Go Public moment is being able to channel his creativity and love for his community by creating award-winning design packages for brands that come to his team looking for unique and groundbreaking creative work to tell their story. The Consume & Create motto is "We make things with our hands using our heads and heart." His distinctive personal style and ability to do kick-flips in the office drew us to him immediately. We also loved his hair! 

We can't wait to introduce you to the other guys we are excited to highlight in our Go Public campaign; keep an eye out for the following newsletters hitting your inbox this month as we work behind the scenes to open our first location on East Colfax and York in Denver. We are so close!

As Always.......

"Rabbit Rabbit" from the R&R Head Labs Team!

Follow along on our journey and check out all the fantastic talent that has come together to launch this unconventional barbershop, where we lead with elevated, expert, and hyper-personalized hair care services while offering purpose and inspiration. We can't wait to add a "book now" button to this post next month!

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