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We are still buzzing...

Thank YOU!

Our Grand Opening party was a success, and we are so thankful for everyone who came out to support us and cheer our team on. We were blown away by the turnout, the positivity, and the support. Click through above to see a little recap we shared on our socials. We were (and still are) buzzing to introduce R&R Head Labs to Denver… officially. We sincerely thank the Denver Mayoral office for arranging for Mayor Mike Johnston to come by and share his perspective. In addition, thank you to Attorney General Phil Weiser, and Councilman Chris Hinds for speaking and sharing their thoughts on second-chance hiring.  


R&R Head Labs Out in the Wild…..

We've had a big month of outreach and spreading the word about our mission of justice-impacted hiring. On the left, our expert barber, Tray, offered fresh cuts at the Aurora Parole Office. From Meeka Houston, Community Re-entry Supervisor at the Parole Office: "Thank you so much for your support yesterday." My heart was warm, and my eyes filled with tears watching people be transformed. One of the guys who has been homeless and really struggling got that haircut and got into sober living yesterday…. 


On the right, our founder and CEO Jamie Repenning, showcased his expertise and commitment to our mission at a think tank held at his alma mater, MIT. The panel he participated in, titled "Rewriting the Code Through Education," was a testament to his dedication. His discussion revolved around the current education opportunities, their role in preparing incarcerated individuals for life outside, and the resulting increase in employment rates for formerly incarcerated people.

Our Operations Manager, Deb, visited the La Vista Women's Correctional Facility in Pueblo to speak with women interested in pursuing cosmetology as a career. As always, Deb's lived experience breaks down walls and immediately builds trust with those looking to improve their lives.


Introducing: Our Referral Program!

Have you already gotten a cut?

Have you sent friends and family to the shop?

We want to give you credit for sharing the R&R Head Labs experience with your contacts. Its easy… 10 for 10… if someone mentions your name when they come to the shop, we will credit YOU 10 dollars towards your next service, and we will shave off 10 dollars for the new client that mentioned your name. Everyone wins! We are offering unlimited credits, so you could come in and get a free cut if you help us spread the word.


As always..... Rabbit, Rabbit from the R&R Head Labs Team!

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