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My story is a testament to resilience and positive transformation. Without succumbing to the lure of gangs, I navigated the challenges of incarceration by embracing the art of barbering. My passion for barbering has transformed not only my life but also the lives of those who choose to share the chair with me.


My Story

Without succumbing to the lure of gangs, I've found myself weaving through the corridors of jails and prisons for a significant part of my journey. My journey into the world of barbering began within those prison walls, with my very first haircut being on myself. What fueled this passion is the ability to bring people back to life, to witness them smile even in the darkest moments of incarceration. My personal experience of losing my brother to suicide, while I was behind bars and unable to attend his funeral, deeply affected me. Providing a haircut became a beacon of light, illuminating not only my own life but also brightening the lives of those I had the privilege to serve.

My journey has brought me closer to spiritual awakening, finding solace in my faith. For 15 years, God was my only visitor for visitation hours. It was through my faith that I was comforted with words of promise for a better life. Professionally, I discovered my creativity and the gift that was bestowed upon my hands. Cutting hair fed me and helped me provide for my family whom always supported me through hard times.

Beyond the barber's chair, my clients often transformed into friends who supported me through thick and thin. Spiritual conversations revealed a side of me that differed from the stereotypical image, fostering a unique connection that transcends religious and opinion differences.

Engaging with the community is a priority, with volunteer work at retirement homes, nursing homes, and homeless shelters. I strive to be a reflection of greatness, embracing my true self to inspire others.

My aspirations are simple yet profound — to clear debts, acquire personal belongings, and attain genuine happiness. My vision is great haircuts and the positive smiles of appreciation that follow.

In my journey, I've learned that chasing dreams begins with spiritual fulfillment. I believe that when we prioritize our spiritual pursuits, everything else falls seamlessly into place. As we seek our desires, remember that the most valuable things are those that money can't buy.


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