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This sweatshirt represents the first collaboration with our Artist In Residence program, featuring artist TUKE. The graphics were hand-sized and placed by our Creative Director so that each size feels custom. 


TUKE, or TUKEone, was raised in the southwestern United States and currently resides in Denver. A graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art, TUKE became a style pioneer within the city of Denver by creating many of the first large-scale murals.


TUKE's lived experience in prison brought perspective and depth to his work. Since re-entry, TUKE has become a best-in-class artist in his field. TUKE participates in nationally recognized art fairs and events while mentoring new artists.


We are proud and honored to have TUKE as our first Artist In Residence and look forward to continuing to collaborate with him.

TUKE X RR Head Labs Collaboration Sweatshirt

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