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Keren Nimmo

Chief Creative Officer

Keren is the Chief Experience Officer at R&R Head Labs, where she defines and elevates the brand and customer experience through innovative strategies. With over 25 years of expertise in human-centered design and integrating physical and digital experiences, she brings a unique vision to her role. Previously a fractional CIO for Floyd’s Barbershop, Keren is dedicated to creating authentic, impactful experiences that resonate with customers and foster community engagement.


Keren Nimmo, our Chief Experience Officer at R&R Head Labs, brings over 25 years of rich experience in experience design, technology, and marketing, with a strong focus on human-centered design. Her journey before joining R&R Head Labs has been marked by a passion for seamlessly integrating physical and digital experiences to elevate customer interactions and distinguish brands. Previously serving as a fractional CIO for Floyd’s Barbershop, Keren has a wealth of knowledge in defining end-to-end customer journeys for multi-unit franchise organizations.

Keren's experience with R&R Head Labs has been nothing short of profound. Stepping into a service-based business where social impact intersects with profit has brought about a transformative journey. This unique experience has not only broadened her professional horizons but has also led to personal growth, uncovering biases, and providing newfound purpose and inspiration in her life.

For Keren, this initiative holds immense personal meaning. Beyond professional expertise, being able to help others fills her with gratitude and fulfillment. Setting an example for her children about compassion and actively contributing to uplifting others has become a driving force. The barbershop concept aligns seamlessly with her core values of authenticity, creating a space where stories are owned, vulnerabilities are shared, and everyone is focused on a future not defined by the past.

Keren aspires to make a significant impact on the lives of formerly incarcerated individuals by instilling hope, happiness, and the belief that they can turn their lives around. Her goal is to provide a supportive environment, fostering self-belief and the realization of their full potential.

As the Chief Experience Officer, Keren provides strategic leadership over Marketing, Technology, and Customer Experience. Her responsibilities include activating customer experience strategies, providing vision and leadership, and driving thought leadership to bring innovation to the organization.

Keren collaborates closely with the executive team, leveraging her high empathy, EQ, and creative thinking to build the brand and digital touchpoints. Engaging with the local community and partnering with organizations like The Other Side Academy and local arts initiatives are crucial aspects of her vision for inclusivity.

Looking ahead, Keren envisions the barbershop concept expanding nationally, impacting lives, and bringing hope to many. Her measure of success is not just business growth but the positive transformation of each individual employed.

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