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Charles Smith

Advisory Council

Hailing from a tumultuous past entangled with gang life in Los Angeles and Denver, Charles found himself facing a seemingly insurmountable 64-year sentence. Charles's journey took a profound turn with a spiritual awakening.


Charles's journey took a profound turn with a spiritual awakening while incarcerated, leading him to religious exploration and the transformative principles of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

A voracious reader and a self-taught scholar, Charles earned his GED and associate degrees in personal psychological development and theology, shaping a path towards self-discovery and change. 

He aims to break the dehumanizing cycle experienced within prison walls and urges society to view individuals like him with compassion. Frustrated with a system that perpetuates disproportionate sentences, Charles calls for a change in sentencing laws and increased opportunities for those who have transformed.

As a vital advisor on our Advisory Council, Charles Smith brings not only a wealth of experience but an unwavering commitment to shaping authentic and transformative experiences for our team members. His story reminds us that redemption and second chances are not just possible, but essential.

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