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Billy Mallory

National Services Advisor

In the heart of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, there's a beacon of hope named Billy, whose journey is not just about barbering but about inspiring incarcerated men to carve a brighter future. With over 18 years as a dedicated barber instructor, Billy has become more than a mentor; he's a force of transformation.


Hailing from the very neighborhoods where many of his students grew up, Billy's story echoes resilience. Choosing a path divergent from the pull of gangs, he found his calling in barbering. His commitment to giving back led him to the prison classroom, where he has been shaping lives, one haircut at a time.

Beyond the technical skills of barbering, Billy imparts a profound sense of purpose and self-worth to his students. He serves as a living testament that, despite shared beginnings, individuals can redefine their destinies. Billy's infectious passion and unwavering belief in second chances instill a sense of hope within the prison walls.

Billy brings his wealth of expertise to our R&R Head Labs barbers where he will guide, coach, and inspire our barbers.  With Billy onboard, our barbers not only receive top-notch training but also gain a mentor who understands the transformative power of resilience and second chances.

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